Harvey Weinstein Article on Chuck Berry!

I am the Grandson of Joe Jordan, World Renown, Ragtime Composer and Grand Nephew of Eubie Blake. Also, My Uncle Lowell Jordan wrote Lou Rawls hit ” Whole Lotta’ Woman “. At the age of 67 and a Vocalist/Lyricist/Band Leader, Actor and Producer I am witnessing the loss of great entertainers in all genres! Chuck Berry is a Rock and Roll Guitar Genius who lead the way for many Artists to follow his Legacy! May he rest in peace as he joins God’s heavenly band! Also, a Documentary or Movie needs to be made covering his life and his contributions to American Music! I have a project to pay tribute to another Artist who was the original Delta Blues Man who influenced Blues Artist’s past and present by the name of Robert Johnson who is famous for his tunes ” Crossroad Blues ” and ” Sweet Home Chicago “. The project is an Indie Film titled ” Man with the Blues “. We should do the same for Chuck Berry! 90 is a good age to pass on to the other side. His spirit remains and his Legacy lives on!


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